herbsPronunciation: '&rb, US also and British usually 'h&rbFunction: nounUsage: often attributiveEtymology: Middle English herbe, from Old French, from Latin herbaDate: 14th century
1 : a seed-producing annual, biennial, or perennial that does not develop persistent woody tissue but dies down at the end of a growing season
2 : a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities

This listing enables you to view the current Neff Family Farm's herb list alphabetically BY COMMON NAME. Botanical names follow for those who can pronounce them. For vegetable plants or produce see the upcoming Produce section.

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New list for 2020 is READY!!Click Here For a Printable 2020 order version Welcome! NOTICE-2020 Herb Day has been cancelled. Stay safe, we will be doing preorders and pick up for your convenience! We will be updating new herbs we are growing now for later in the season. Herb of the Year is Brambles-Raspberries and Blackberries. We are growing plants, Have a couple of GREAT recipes, and lots of other must haves that will keep you in herbs all season! As always our large varieties of Basil, include the Pistou, Popular Genovese, Red Rubin, Large leaf Italian and Lime to name a few! 772-0237

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Anise Hyssop Agastache foeniculum
Attractive butterfly plant; produces abundant nectar which yields a light fragrant honey. Strongly anise-scented: delightful for tea or as culinary seasoning.
Arugula, Astro Eruca vesicaria, subsp. Sativa
Also known as "Rocket" these arrow shaped leaves add a wonderful flavor to salads and greens.
Basil, Ararat Ocimum basilicum
Lovely bi-colored basil, unique purple and green-Mild, classic basil flavor. This versatile basil can be used as a garnish, a filler in fresh bouquets, or a dramatic focal point in ornamental gardens.
Basil, Aroma 2 Ocimum basilicum
A new fusarium resistant, Genovese type basil, spectacular flavor and aroma. Large leaves are great in the kitchen!
Basil, Cinnamon Ocimum basilicum
Sweet cinnamon scent, popular in tea and potpourri, violet stems, lavender flowers.
Basil, Genovese Ocimum basilicum
Popular semi savoyed, uniform and slow to bolt. A great favorite of chefs!
Basil, Holy red & green Ocimum basilicum
Good ornamental and tea plant. Eye-catching red/green leaf contrast. Nice for borders and edging.
Basil, Italian Large Leaf Ocimum basilicum
A sweeter pesto type, scent and taste are sweeter than Genovese, a little less clove-like.
Basil, Lime Ocimum basilicum
Distinct aroma of lime adds a unique citrus flavor.
Basil, Magical Michael Ocimum basilicum Magical Michael
AAS winner, Long-lasting Creamy Blooms and Fragrant Foliage!
Basil, Mrs. Burns' Lemon Ocimum basilicum
Most lemony of all basils, this heirloom variety has larger and very bright green leaves, intensly flavored and slower to bolt than other lemon basils.
Basil, Napoleatono
Large savoyed Genovese variety, heavy producer, excellent flavor and aroma.
Basil, Osmin Purple Ocimum basilicum
Darkest purple leaves and stems. Glossy slightly ruffled purple leaves on a sturdy medium-sized plant.
Basil, Pistou
New Variety, compact, stocky, and high producer. Grow in ground for borders, or excellent pot plant!
Basil, Red Rubin Ocimum Basilicum
Purple version of Italian Large Leaf, with a similar sweet scent. Large flat leaves stand out, outstanding for color and culinary qualities.
Basil, Serata Ocimum basilicum
Ruffled leaves with good basil flavor. Great as a bouquet filler, in containers or as a flavorful plate garnish.
Basil, Spicy Bush Ocimum basilicum
Slightly hot, spicy sweet basil, also known as Greek basil. Interplant with flowers, or grow in pots. Mush slower to bolt than some varieties.
Basil, Sweet Dani Ocimum basilicum
All America Selections winner, high in essential oil content.
Basil, Sweet Thai
Most robust Thai basil. Milder and sweeter the the others, bight, shiny green leaves are thick and succulent, up to 3" long, try steaming them for a delicious side dish. Striking ornamental.
Bay Laurel Laurus nobilis
2009 Herb of the Year; Bay leaf is a foundation flavor of French cuisine. Meat, fish and poultry dishes will benefit from this great flavor.
Bergamot, wild Monarda fistulosa
Lavender flowers; strong fragrance. Used for tea and for flavouring meat
Borage Borago officinalis
Large plant with soft leaves bears tiny blue and pink flowers for garnishes and salads from late spring into fall.
Borage, White Borago officinalis
Striking white blooms with tiny purple center. Large plants with wooly leaves bear hundreds of small, edible flowers. Mild cucumber flavor for salads and garnishes. Long harvest period.
Calendula, Antares Calendula officianlis
Flamboyant and always draw attention, one of the best finds in summer trials. Blooms come in shades of orange, peach, apricot, yellow and cream with stunning red and maroon undersides
Calendula, Resina Calendula officinalis
Mostly yellow and a few orange blossoms with light-colored centers.
Cat Grass
Catmint Nepata mussinii
Purplish-blue tubular flowers, excellent for edgings. Thrives in hot, dry conditions.
Catnip Nepata cataria
Dry catnip for homemade cat toys and soothing herbal tea. Medicinal: Colds, flu, fever. Good relaxing children's tea. Flower essence to allay anxiety.Medicinal: Colds, flu, fever. Good relaxing children's tea. Flower essence to allay anxiety.
Chamomile,German Matricaria recutita
Latin name means "capable of anything", sturdy, spreading, lacy plant, makes a relaxing tea with a scent of apple and pineapple. Small daisy-like flowers in July and August.
Chervil, Vertissimo Anthriscus cerefolium
Salad Chervil, leaves used in soups, salads and vinegars.
Chives, Fine Leaf Allium schoenoprasum
Fine for fresh use, delicate fancy leaf, don't forget to use the blossoms!
Cilantro, Delfino Coriandrum sativum
2006 All-America Selections winner. The same flavor as traditional cilantro, but with fern-like, open leaves that more closely resemble dill. Same uses as our other cilantro varieties, plus new possibilities as a garnish.
Cilantro, Jantar Coriandrum sativum
This flavorful cilatro variety yeilds more leaves per plant and is slow to bolt.
Cutting celery Apium graveolens
Easy-to-grow celery leaves with strong flavor. Customer favorite 2001, great for soups and salads!
Dill Anethm graveolens
Easy to grow, dill provides both seeds and greens to flavor vinegars, pickling, and many different foods.
Fennel, Florence Foeniculum vulgare azoricum
Produces the bulbous base of delicate anise flavor and crisp texture. Protect from extreme heat.
Feverfew Tanacetum parthenium
Light green loved leaves with small yellow and white daisy blooms, history of use for fever and migraine headaches.
French Tarragon Artemisia dacunculus sativa
Piece do resistance of all culinary herbs, dark green shiny leaves possess distinctive flavor.
Lavender, English Lavandula angustifolia
Fragrant flowers used in dried sachets, scented soups, and potpourris. Lovely on borders and pathways.
Lavender, Grosso Lavandula
Lavender, Hidcote Blue StrainLavandula angustifolia Hidcote Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote
Lavender angustifolia is one of the richest in essential oils, meaning more fragrance power both fresh and dried. And this 'Hidcote Blue' cultivar has a more erect, compact habit and darker flowers, so its perfect for hedges.
Lavender, Lady Lavandula 'lady'
Perennial herb with scented blue-purple flowers and gray-green foliage.
Lavender, Munstead Lavandula angustifolia Munstead Strain
Fragrant Stalks of Richest Lavender Against Silvery Foliage.
Lavender, Provence Lavandula x intermedia
Dutch Lavender, vigorous long-stemmed, very fragrant with a sweet floral scent.
Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis
Winter hardy, lemon scent adds zing to salads, and makes a calming tea.
Lemon Verbena Aloysia triphylla
Strong lemon scented foliage, at its best in early evening.
Malabar Spinach Basella alba Red Stem
Heat-loving and vigorous, these attractive plants reach 6 feet or more if trained on a bean tower or trellis. Many people grow Red Stem for purely ornamental purposes, but there's a lot of good eating on this productive plant!
Mint, Apple
Mint, Banana Mentha arvensis 'Banana'
This mint from France really smells of bananas! Squeeze the leaves and the remarkable scent bursts forth. The unexpected fruitiness inspires a creative gastronomic tangent. Dazzle friends and family with banana mint tea, muffins, and more!
Mint, Chocolate Mentha x piperita piperita
Striking peppermint-patty scent, a real treat!
Mint, Ginger Mentha arvensis 'Varieagata'
Gold-flecked leaves have a fruity fragrance and flavor with a hint of ginger.
Mint, Lemon Monarda citrata
Lemon scented mint is actually in the Monarda family, boasts a showy plumage of lavender flowers all summer.
Mint, Orange Balsam Mentha aquatica 'Citrata'
Treasured for its very special fragrance, its hint of citrus is tantalizing in fruit puches, teas, and grilled chicken and vegetable dishes.
Mint, Peppermint
Mint, Spearmint savoy Mentha spicata 'Crispa'
Clean, crisp mint with curly leaves.
Mint, Varigated Pineapple Mentha suaveolens 'Variegata'
Sweet fruity scent with white and green leaves that vary with the season.
Nasturtium, Alaska Mix Tropoeolum majus
Leaves heavily marbled and striped, producing a breath-taking backdrop for the bright colorful blooms.
Nasturtium, Jewel of Africa Tropoeolum majus
A varigated climbing Nasturtium. Balanced mixture of yellows, reds and peachy pinks with marbled foliage, striped with cream against a light green background. Vining habit is fantastic for containers or ground covers.
Nasturtium, Whirlybird Mix Nasturtium
Deep scarlet flowers blend beautifully into any planting.
Oregano, Greek Origanum vulgare hirtum
True Greek oregano dark green leaves with white flowers.
Oregano, Italian Origanum vulgare sp.
Oregano favored by Italian Chefs, Proclaimed as "the Real deal", clean, fresh, aroamtic with great flavor!
Parsley, Italian flat leaf Petroselinum crispum neapolitanum
Zesty Italian taste, great for cooking or drying.
Parsley, Triple curled Petroselinum crispum
Triple curled. Intense curled leaves make exceptionally beautiful garnishes. Plants grow in compact mounds for easy bunching and attractive, uniform appearance. Mild flavor, good yield, and holds well.
Pennyroyal Mentha pulegium
Good as a low growing permanent edging or along walkways. Pretty, low growing, and fragrant. Not for culinary use.
Rosemary, ARP Rosmarinus officinalis 'ARP'
Fine upright habit, hardier than some strains, same great flavor!
Rosemary, Creeping Rosmarinus officinalis prostratus
Fine trailing habit, floriferous variety with light blue flowers. Good producer makes lovely border, or hanging basket.
Rue Ruta graveolens
Ornamental addition to herb garden. Small shrubby plant with rounded leaves. Dry seed heads for flower arrangements.
Sage, Extrakta Salvia officinalis
Handsome dusty green leaves, commonly used in dressings, poultry, sausage, nice base for floral or herbal wreaths. Showy in early summer, blanketed with tiny lavender flowers.
Sage, Pineapple Salvia elegans
Fabulous pineapple scent, with brilliant showy red flowers, Use for drinks, chicken, cheese and in jams and jellies.
Sage, White Salvia aplana
Native American incense herb, used to make the smudge sticks common in Native ceremonies. Aromatic in the garden, light dusty gray-green leaves.
Salad Burnet Sanguisorba minor
Cool cucumber flavor, great addition to salads, vinegars and tomato juice. Hardy, can remain green through mild winters!
Savory, summer Satureja hortensis
Spirit-awakening, peppery flavor. A favorite herb for flavoring fresh and dry beans, soups, and a variety of culinary uses.
Savory, winter Satureja montana
Perennial cousin to summer savory, flavor is more pungent. Good pepper substitute, great culinary herb.
Spinach, Red Malibar Basella rubra
This heat loving spinach is a show stopper, red stems, bright shiny green leaves, use new growth for best flavor. Will Climb if trellised.
Stevia Stevia rebaudiana
Remarkable herbal sugar substitute! Contains stevioside. Leaf powder can be used in place of sugar in drinks, baked goods, desserts, preserves, etc. Has a pleasant flavor of its own that never dominates or overwhelms.
Tarragon, French Artemisia dacunculus sativa
True French tarragon, favored by many. Treat as annual.
Tarragon, Texas Tagetes lucida
Sweet-smelling leaves and flowers with a flavor very similar to tarragon; hardier and easy to grow. Golden yellow flowers.
Thyme, Creeping Thymus praecox
Beautiful red ground cover, excellent for paths or rock gardens.
Thyme, English Thymus vulgaris
Essential in bouquet garni, most common variety.
Thyme, German winter Thymus vulgarus
Upright habit. Indispensable in the kitchen.
Thyme, Golden lemon Thymus x citriodorus 'Aureus'
Scattered yellow edges on some leaves create an attractive foliage contrast.
Thyme, Lemon Thymus vulgarius "lemon
Upright variety of lemon thyme, high yield, good lemon flavor, a bit hardier than most citrus thymes.
Thyme, Orange Balsam Thymus 'Orange Balsam'
Sensational orange scent and flavor. Deserving of experimentation in tea, cooking and as a garnish.
Thyme, Summer Thymus vulgarus
New! A superb culinary thyme.
Tomatillo, Purple Physalis ixocarpa
Skins are royal purple, husks are green. Good flavor.Extended storage ability after harvest. Very decorative. TIP: Keep harvested fruits in the light to intensify the purple skin pigment.
Tomatillo, Toma Verde Physalis ixocarpa
Early, green tomatillo.Early-maturing, large, flat-round green fruits. Use in salsa or Mexican cooking.
Vanilla Grass Anthoxanthum odoratum
Dried grasses have the scent of vanilla; hang in bundles for use in closets, wreaths and other arrangements.
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