cer·am·ic Function: noun; plural but singular in construction Date: 1859
1 : the art or process of making ceramic articles
2 : a product of ceramic manufacture

A Pottery family spanning four generations, Our hand crafted dinnerware series includes scripture bowls, teapots, pitchers, and a variety of food safe items, many imprited with fresh herbs before firing. Our garden items include Strawberry pots, watering cans, and herb markers. Check soon for more updates.

A PRINTABLE brochure listing Scripture Bowl Sizes and Scriptures is available HERE.

Fall and Winter Items

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Simple care of handmade ceramics and pottery
We hope that you will enjoy your handcrafted piece. Because each piece is individually made, there may be variations in technique, glaze, and impressions. These are not imperfections, but add to the pieces character and individuality. All of our glazes are lead-free and food safe. For continued life of your pieces, we recommend no metal utensils, electric blenders, etc. Hand washing is recommended, and we advise that you do not leave them immersed in water for a prolonged period. While the microwave and dishwasher are safe, limited use of these appliances is best, as it will ultimately effect the finish of the ware.
Our personalized Christmas ornaments have been a joy to design, a new one each year since 1983! These flat-ware folk art pieces can be used for gift tags and name cards as well. Orders taken beginning July 15.