rec·i·pe Pronunciation: 're-s&-(")pE Function: noun Etymology: Latin, take, imperative of recipere to take, receive -- Date: 1584
1 : a set of instructions for making something from various ingredients
2 : a formula or procedure for doing or attaining something (a recipe for success)

Quick Dip Cream cream cheese and blend with yogurt until smooth.. Add remaining ingredients, stir until well mixed. Serve with crackers, shortbread cookies, fruits, etc. * vinegar is optional Combinations we like
Key Lime yogurt & lemon thyme
Raspberry yogurt & Basil (red basil vinegar makes this exceptional!)
Strawberry banana yogurt & Chocolate mint
Peach yogurt and Orange Thyme
Lemon Yogurt and Texas Tarragon (have added a bit of Mountain Dew to this for some added punch!)

EASY Raspberry Basil Dressing
A dressing based on the above dip- made to use what you like best! The results are fantastic, and this very pretty dressing is now a favorite enjoyed by many. Stir yogurt and vinegar until smooth, add basil. This will hold in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks tightly covered. Change this recipe at will by substituting other yogurt flavors, herbs or vinegars.

herbs pro·duce cer·am·ics rec·i·pes class·es mar·ket faires
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